• Saw a cute bag in @zara the other day & I debated buying it then I realized that it had to fit into my luggage back to DC & I already bought a pair of shoes & new clothes that takes up so much space...🤦🏾‍♀️
  • #sponsored I have mentioned before that I suffer from scalp psoriasis & I have tried tons of products to see what works for me! I have been using @briogeo B.Well Tea Tree Oil for awhile now...& I can definitely feel a difference. I mix it with another oil & water in a spray bottle...spray my scalp when needed & go about my day. @sephora #briogeo #BWell
  • Thankful that I was able to see another birthday! 26 has definitely been a trying time for me. So, rather than writing a long ass paragraph..I decided I will write a blog post instead reflecting on the stagnant age of 26...where it’s okay if you don’t have your shit together. So, here’s to turning 27 & everything else that comes with it! 🤣

PS: This photo is from my birthday last year! 
It’s my birthday today & I choose to spend it doing things that brings joy to my life🎂
  • My night was complete crap lastnight! My niece wouldn’t sleep ( finally got her down around 3am ), my nose ring came out on its own ( 🤬 ) & I woke up to rain. Yeah...not in the best of moods today. 🙃
  • Got a lot of DM’s about this water bottle from @healthishco yesterday! So, here is a better photo of the bottle! 
I will add it to my instastories so you can guys can shop & add it to my highlights as well!
  • New Preset✔️ Birthday Outfit✖️2 days until my birthday and I still don’t know what I want to do... I guess it’s because it’s on a Tuesday 🤣 #woodwe
  • My office has never looked so good! Thankful for @healthishco for keeping my water intake on track! Stay hydrated guys! 😊☀️
  • Went to @target with no intentions of buying anything & left with a sweater, snacks and a new wallet! 🤣
  • Love spending afternoons by the pool & working! Definitely had to bring along this tote that @mylittlebooktique gave to me🖤🥰
  • Warning...outfits will be repeated during my stay here in Cali & I have no regrets 🤣
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