• My face after eating all that chocolate yesterday VS how I wish my face actually was after eating all those chocolate 😭🤣
  • Attempting to purge my wardrobe again but really want to keep everything...so instead I have made the executive decision to just buy more hangers 🤣🥀 .
Welp Happy Hearts Day everyone! How was your day? I gave my fav mailman some chocolates & put my clothes away off the ground. 😊
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! I definitely found the perfect gift for myself & even gifted another pair to my Mum as a Galentine’s Day gift! Check out @sunglasshut to make your #valentinestories come true! #sunglasshut #sponsored .
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  • #sponsored Will you be my Galentine? Galentine’s Day is here & even though my Galentine @marjanne.co is away with the hubby that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate when she gets back! Myles & Moore is the best if not perfect wine for Galentine’s Day! Great for gifting as well! I mentioned in my last post that chocolate is my kryptonite & @corksandcheers delivered with their valentine inspired box. Time to have a chocolate filled weekend & watch cheesy romance movies! #mylesandmoorewine #corksandcheers @krogerco
  • Winter layers 🥀
  • What brings you peace? Me? It’s when I create my weekly spreads in my planner, play video games & read! 📒
  • What are your favourite things about Valentines Day? Mine is watching extremely cringe worthy movies & stuffing my face with tons of junk food 🥰🥀
  • I don’t wear red, but I bought a $3 beanie to match this red bag I bought 2 years ago for $5 & these converse which were thrifted for next to nothing! My entire outfit I got on sale 😊🤭 You don’t have to drop $100’s of dollars on clothing & accessories to look like you did!
  • #sponsored Thank you so much @proflowers , I now have the most gorgeous bouquet for Valentine’s Day! #proflowerslove .
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  • Cute Latte to get everyone in the mood for Valentines / Galentines Day 🥰❣️
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